Dear Leader: Stop Promoting Potential and Start Rewarding proof.

Dear Leader, stop promoting potential and start rewarding proof.

I know this is the unpopular opinion but I stand firmly on this belief. People should not be promoted to leadership because they have potential. They should be right-aligned as leaders only after they‘ve demonstrated proof. What do I mean by this?

First off, leaders always have followers. If someone doesn’t have an organic following, trust me, a title isn’t going to fix this. In fact, it’s going to turn people against them and hurt their growth all the more.

Secondly, leadership is not something that can be given. It is something that must be earned. I can’t build rapport or garner respect or earn trust on someone else’s behalf. Every individual is responsible to build their own relational equity with the people around them.

What this means is you don’t actually have the power to bestow leadership on anyone. All you can do is point toward the potential and encourage people to move toward it. They’re the only ones who can make it happen.

Stop promoting potential and start right-aligning the proof.

Dear Leader #0013



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