1. Kind Leaders Assume the Best

Kind leaders always give the benefit of the doubt and make the most generous assumptions of others possible. When they get a distasteful vibe from someone, they don’t draw back into accusation or self-protection. They allow space for that person to not be at their best. Maybe that person just learned they’re facing an outrageous home repair bill, or maybe they just received word that their mom’s condition has worsened, or perhaps they’re rattled from almost getting hit by a car on their way into work that morning.

2. Kind Leaders Show Consistent Behavior

Kind leaders have given intentional thought to the type of person they’re going to be to the world around them. Their behavior doesn’t change when the circumstances get tough or conflict arises. They don’t let their feelings dictate a reaction; they let their core values formulate a response. This demonstrates a consistency people can’t help but trust in and feel safe around.

3. Kind Leaders Empower Others

Kind leaders live for the growth and success of others. They often take the blame and give the credit. They’re not afraid to hold people accountable but they’re also ready to take ownership of where they failed to set clear expectations. They don’t just expect execution, they encourage contribution. They personalize their leadership to honor the intricacies and varying capacities of each individual in order to set them up for the highest success.

Wife to John. Mom to two beautiful quarter-Korean babies. CCO at Jonah Digital Agency. Writer on leadership & emotional intelligence. Email: me@courtneyjoy.com.

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